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About Hogarth's Wildlife Rescue
Thank you for visiting our website!  B. Hogarth's Wildlife Rescue began back in 1993, originally founded as the 'Foxwatch'. It is a unique, specialist charity-organisation, dedicated to the Rescue, care and welfare of small animals, with the ultimate aim of rehabilitating and releasing all wild animals back into the Wild. The charity specialises with advising - from many years of experience - on the following types and species of small animals: 
Red Foxes, Squirrels (including Chipmunks), Hedgehogs, Meerkats, and some small Birds (e.g. Blackbird or Robin).  Generally, animals up to fox size, within our own scope as mentioned. Any outside of our own scope and experience are referred to a local trusted rescuer and wildlife Rehabilitator. We have of course over the years added new species on the list, gaining valuable experience; often an animal species is experienced by "accident" in helping someone out for example who had to retire from doing this kind of work. This was certainly the case about our work with Hedgehogs, and we have never looked back - it was one of the best decisions we could make!
Our charity-organisation is entirely Volunteer run, and we have excellent Veterinary cover within our own local area, where our central "hub" is based. Along the way many friends have been made, and with the experience so our confidence also grows.
We hope that you enjoy visiting our web pages and seeing what we have to offer. ENJOY!!
Works that we have published so far:
The following Links below are all works published by Bernadette Hogarth's Wildlife Rescue. They are independent from this site, so please use the back-button to navigate back to this page. Thank you.
Hogarth's (Spikey's) Hedgehog Rescue - Our current Hedgehog Rescue site. Hogarth's Hedgehog Rescue is entirely volunteer-run and a division of (overlapping within) Hogarth's Wildlife, however, is partly run independently. (This site opens separately.)
Misunderstood Critters - Our Misunderstood Critters site.This site, originally in Yahoo! GeoCities (which closed in 2009), has since been moved to hogarths-wildlife.org in Yahoo! Web Hosting. The site was first created in 2001, when Hogarth's Wildlife Rescue was still known as Foxwatch & Squirrel Support.
This page last updated - March, 2010.
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